How we work

Canadian company
Global talent
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Effortless Access to Untapped Tech Talent

Based in Canada, with offices in central Europe, Latin America and other select global locations, we serve our clients located across North America.

We bring highly skilled and qualified talent to our clients in a range of roles.

With a local presence and workforce in these global locations, we’ve built amazing teams and recruiting capabilities that make it easy for us to attract the best and brightest. Bringing these services to our North American clients enables you address your staffing needs and leverage a global community of talent otherwise untapped.

Tirana Albania
Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Toronto Canada
Pristina Kosovo
Lahore Pakistan
Skopje North Macedonia
Serajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina

Our Process

Finding the right tech talent has never been simpler.

Our teams are highly skilled, our model is simple, proven and effective.

As we do with local talent services, our model provides end-to-end delivery from requirements, through recruiting, selection, and onboarding.

We hire and manage the employees as part of our team, and provide services to you, supporting your organization along the way.


Access to a Dedicated Customer Success Manager

You’ll have direct access to us. We deliver our services and work with our extended global team. You talk, we listen and deliver.

Needs Assessment

We evaluate your needs to ensure we understand your current and future priorities, strategic initiatives, and operational demands.

Define Talent Requirements

We identify the talent best suited to your needs and then get to work on delivering the solution you require.

Collaborate on Talent Services

We work with you on the selection process, onboarding, and integration with your organization, including hardware procurement, security considerations and more.

Monitor and Support

We remain engaged with you at every step, responsive and invested in your success and the success of your extended, global team.

Enthos Talent makes growing remote teams effortless.

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