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Our founders, Virginia Poly and Asif Chowdhary, created Enthos Talent in 2021 following the impact of the global pandemic, to address increased demand for technical talent and a changed landscape for remote workforces.

With more and more organizations embracing the reality of remote work and developing a more global outlook when considering staffing requirements, Enthos Talent is positioned to deliver highly skilled talent and cost-effective solutions.

Over 20 years of experience in the IT consulting and tech staffing industries have prepared Asif and Virginia. Now they’ve joined forces to provide services that meet today’s business needs and deliver talent for the future of work.

About Our Founders


Virginia Poly

Virginia has achieved entrepreneurial excellence and won awards in recognition of her work in Talent Services. With a background in sales and IT training, Virginia developed a broad understanding of technology in business. She has developed meaningful relationships and believes that people are at the centre of success. Virginia is poised for the future of work, and ready to bring global talent to clients to help transform their businesses.

Phone: 416-885-3934

Asif Chowdhary

An accomplished and well-rounded tech professional, Asif embraced his entrepreneurial aspirations to build out an outsourcing project just over 10 years ago. With dedication and teamwork, he grew to a team of over 200. With the experience of this growth, and the impact COVID-19 had on the workforce globally, Asif reset and formed a strategy to build an amazing tech talent team and forge a new path forward.

Phone: 416.271.7110

Our Values

At Enthos Talent, our values are core to what we do, and how we operate.

We believe in forming bonds with people that transcend our day-to-day work. Our values are based on trust and mutual respect, and we map behaviours to our values constantly. They are simple, and they bind us.

Be Enthusiastic

We named our organization based on this word. The most basic tasks, if accomplished with enthusiasm, can bring such reward. With eagerness and interest, comes the will to succeed.

Be Open

Transparency, honesty, communication. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Openness and willingness to understand one another is key to problem solving.

Be Curious

Curiosity is a sign of eagerness to learn. To learn is to grow, and to come to know more. That’s why we tackle challenges at work each day.

Be a Leader

The ability to influence and guide others is an amazing thing. Imagine if your day was filled with people who provided leadership, we’d feel so taken care of.

Enthos Talent makes growing remote teams effortless.

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